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Everyone’s hair is unique, and everyone’s beauty is, too. Our purpose is to help people find, embrace, and express their individuality- to head out into each day confidently and gracefully, and to live vibrantly.

Meet Salty Cali…

Miriam and Leslie started Salty Cali in 2014 with $50 and a passion for handmade jewelry. What was a fun hobby, a year later had them quit their jobs to chase their dream full time.
Today, Salty Cali is part of the most well-known surf shop and boutiques in Southern California and has expanded to over 200 retailers in the US, Caribbeans, and Europe.

Salty Cali collections are inspired by the ocean, beach, surf, and the Californian lifestyle. We design and handcraft them in our San Diego showroom just a few steps from the beach, to soak in all the beach vibes 🙂

Each piece is made of unique natural stones, shells, and colorful crystals on 925 Sterling and 18k gold.